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Is this the shape of future offices?


Covid-19 was the catalyst for a workplace paradigm shift. Pre-Covid, we were based in offices – commuting, working fixed hours. The pandemic hit; the world changed.

Forced by lockdowns to work from home, we discovered technology offered an alternative from the classic nine-to-five. It gave us a glimpse of the future – and we found out that, while office-based work had its benefits, so did working from home.

It was possible for work to be both flexible and productive.

The pandemic changed our concept of “workspace”, says Suz Scott, general manager of New Zealand from global flexible workspace company Servcorp. It encapsulated flexibility and most of us enjoyed it.

According to Microsoft research, 71 per cent of New Zealand’s workforce want flexible remote work options. But, interestingly, 65 per cent also desire face-to-face time with their teams. So what’s the answer? The hybrid workspace.

Servcorp has operated for over 20 years in New Zealand. Its latest offering, located on the second floor of the new Bell Gully building on Wellington’s waterfront, provides a comprehensive solution for businesses wishing to combine iconic location, world-class technology, and flexible work options.

Scott says the Bell Gully building is an ideal hybrid workspace. It has superior base-isolated seismic resilience (imperative for a city like Wellington), centrally located for easy access, incredible views of the harbour and natural light: “It’s perfect for businesses seeking a prestige location in the capital city.”

Servcorp has invested millions in developing its unique flexible office solutions. Businesses choosing to work in a Servcorp space have a wide range of benefits on site – from having access to their own dedicated receptionist, secretarial support, private and shared offices, mail services, printers, scanners and meetings rooms; there is something for every business, says Scott.

It’s also invested millions of dollars into technology for customer use. Its global interconnected data network and comprehensive unified communications system includes voicemail to email and allows for up to six incoming calls at a time, all handled by the receptionist – the backbone of flexibility for people who want to work from home regularly.

Then there’s the significant cost savings. All administrative staff at Servcorp, available for clients, are hired and trained by Servcorp. That’s a few less salaries businesses have to pay, whilst mitigating the time and risk of hiring their own team. There is also no need for massive capital expenditure; the real estate and office space is there for all clients to use. There are also servers, data centres, and phone hardware provided for customer use.

Servcorp’s Wellington base offers a wide range of options – from private offices, to co-working, to a fully remote “virtual office” service. The virtual office gives businesses anywhere access to a corporate address, a dedicated receptionist, meeting spaces, and desk space for when they are in the region. Businesses have the tools of an enterprise level office whilst being in the comfort of their home, Scott says.

Businesses of all sizes use Servcorp offices – and she adds this new space could be ideal for a multinational business with a global footprint which needs a headquarters in Wellington, but don’t want the huge capital expenditure associated with large office space. It’s also great for small start-ups; beautifully designed and within walking distance to Wellington’s CBD, it’s a fine place to host clients and make connections.

Servcorp has offices around the world and their clients can make use of these office spaces when they are travelling; an additional bonus for those seeking prestige office and meeting spaces overseas.

“We have offices in Auckland, Mayfair Place in London, in the World Trade Centre in New York City. There are also significant offerings in Singapore, Japan, Middle East,” says Scott-, “so it’s ideal for those who travel for work and who have complimentary access to any of our 150 locations around the world.”

Scott says Servcorp are focusing on growing the market in New Zealand: “We are dedicated to New Zealand and have created a data centre in Auckland. We’re committing ourselves to our customers and the success of their businesses.”

Staff retention is a major issue for business in this tight employment environment. Human resources software company Employment Hero recently produced a report highlighting that 89 per cent of the New Zealand workforce prefer hybrid work: sometimes working from home, sometimes from an office.

So it makes sense for businesses to factor flexibility into the equation when considering their work conditions; it is great for staff retention and for attracting top talent. Servcorp’s Bell Gully building is the best option for this.

The Wellington virtual office is already up and running; the physical office itself will be completed in February.

Visit the New Zealand Herald to see this article on their website.

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