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Employee Engagement: Steps to Motivating your Workforce

There are many strategies that can help you keep a motivated workforce throughout the year. Let’s have a look at a few steps on how your business can increase its employee engagement.


Is this the shape of future offices?

Covid-19 was the catalyst for a workplace paradigm shift. Pre-Covid, we were based in offices – commuting, working fixed hours. The pandemic hit; the world changed.


How to Implement Sustainability into Business Performance

Historically, businesses only measured their performance from profitability but in the current era where climate change has become an area of concern, corporate social responsibility can’t be overlooked.


FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: What to Know Before Travelling

Here’s what you need to know if you are travelling to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Why Hiring has Become Difficult: Workforce Challenges

As the process of recruiting employees becomes more difficult, it’s important for companies to understand why this is happening.


Covid-19 Workplace Impact Statistics

The pandemic’s impact on the globe has reshaped the way we think about work and changed our expectations on employee conditions.


Consumer Preferences and Attitudes Statistics

Understanding how consumers think has been a priority of every business to maximise all their effort.


Team Culture in The Office: How to Build it & Has Remote Work Changed Workplace Culture?

Find out how to build team culture in the office and how remote work may be changing your workplace dynamic.


Inflated Economy Has Gen Zs and Millennials Concerned: Is Now the Time for a Side Hustle?

For the first time in eleven years, the cost of living has risen as the primary concern between Gen Zs and millennials.


Why Care About Employee Engagement?

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect high performance levels from your staff, but you’ll find it’s much easier to achieve this goal if you also work hard to boost employee engagement.


Russia-Ukraine war: why are oil prices increasing?

Russia’s conflict with Ukraine has driven petrol prices to a record level nationally and crude oil has peaked up to US $139 per barrel, marking the highest cost the natural resource has ever been since 2008.


The Sadness Epidemic

The outbreak is imposing significant stress on many, but more so for business owners.


How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Coronavirus

We’ve put together some advice and tips to take care of your mental health and your employees’ mental health during these uncertain times.


Productivity + Work-life Balance: The (BEST) mantra for a successful career

Below are a few ways businesses can enhance their employees and business work ethic to build a robust workforce.


The Improving working rights of women in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia's economic flourishing overtime as well as King Salman's decision to give his son and heir Mohammad bin Salman power over the rule of law in the country has seen greater progression women's employment and economic rights.


Work smart, not hard (or save 572 hours of personal time).

As all business owners will recognize, it can be hard to switch off at the end of a working day or at the weekend, especially if you’re just starting out.


Take your business to Servcorp NTT Tower

Formerly known as Dimension Data House, the NTT Tower is the fourth tallest building in Wellington and is historically one of Servcorp’s most business rich locations.