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Auckland Office Space Guide 2023

By Ksenia Eliseeva


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So you've Googled "Office space for rent near me" and are bombarded with many options.

Located on the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland CBD is a vibrant and diverse city with many office spaces on offer. As a financial hub that encompasses a strong economy, it can be challenging to select a suitable office space for your business.

Other than conventional office spaces, there are now many flexible workspaces to cater to entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses or established corporations. Whether you require coworking spaces, virtual offices or a serviced office in Auckland, this office space guide will set you on the right track.

Why Auckland is Ideal for Business

Besides being a beautiful city, Auckland has many compelling reasons for being your business destination and securing an office space.

Robust Economy

Businesses that seek stability and growth opportunities will find Auckland an ideal location.

The city contributes 38% of the nation's Gross Domestic Product and this number is experiencing steady growth over the years. Labour productivity is on the rise and overall it has a promising future for a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, creative industries, technology, professional services, construction and engineering, along with food and beverage businesses.

The environment is quite favourable.

Strategic location

Businesses that need a gateway into the Asia-Pacific region will strongly benefit from renting an office space in Auckland. By gaining access to markets in New Zealand and Australia, businesses can diversify their consumer base while being well-connected thanks to the country's public transport infrastructure.

This includes an international airport and a major seaport, an essential infrastructure for those in the trading and logistics industries.

Skilled workforce

Any business location will benefit from a skilled and educated workforce. Auckland is home to reputable universities and research institutions to ensure a steady supply of talented individuals across various industries.

Employment opportunities are also increasing, which is a good indication of a growing business district.

Supportive ecosystem

Small businesses represent around 97% of all firms in New Zealand - a total of 546,000.

And that's exactly why Auckland has a strong and supportive startup ecosystem, with many government initiatives, incubators and flexible office solutions such as coworking spaces.

The New Zealand government is known for its business-friendly policies and low levels of corruption. Having a stable political environment and regulatory framework is a great additional touch to give businesses peace of mind.

Business types that use a virtual office in Auckland

The virtual office is a popular option for many businesses in Auckland.

The cost-effective and flexible solution is commonly used by companies that don't require a physical presence but still need a professional address and other services for operations. That's because a virtual office can be rented from $239 per month, including a premium business address, local phone number, dedicated receptionist, administrative support and a lot more.

Some of the business types that commonly use a virtual office in Auckland include:

  • Startups and small businesses: this group of businesses select a virtual office as a method to establish a professional image without the overhead costs of renting a physical office space.
  • Remote and freelancers: individuals working remotely or as freelancers often utilise virtual offices to create a local presence without needing a physical location. It also assists in client communication and mail handling.
  • International companies: businesses wanting to enter the New Zealand market with a low cost and risk margin commonly opt for a virtual office. It's the easiest method for testing a market without needing a strong commitment.
  • Real estate agents: since this industry is often on the move and requires flexibility, a virtual office helps provide them with meeting rooms when needed. They also benefit from a professional address because it creates credibility amongst prospective clients.
  • Sales and marketing: representatives in the sales and marketing industry use the receptionist service when on the road.
  • E-commerce: because this business model operates online, they can improve operational efficiency through a virtual office.
  • Tech startups and innovators: primarily as an agile solution for low-costs and flexible lease terms, these industries use a virtual office to gain a foothold.
  • Non-profit and Charity organisations: this group commonly uses a virtual office for administrative support.

Business types that use a serviced office in Auckland

A serviced office is a fantastic option for clients that require a physical presence, flexibility and manageable costs without any lock-in leases. The malleable rental terms and premium fit-outs can be used immediately without the setup hassle.

The modern office space design includes amenities such as shared kitchens, high-speed internet, meeting room access and on-site team support. On the other hand, commercial private offices aren't furnished and several additional costs quickly pile up. There's no surprise why flexible workspaces such as serviced offices in Auckland are becoming the favourite.

A variety of businesses also occupy serviced offices. Some of them include:

  • Branch offices: companies that follow a hub-and-spoke model find serviced offices to be the most convenient option.
  • Project teams: project-based businesses or teams working on short-term assignments occupy serviced offices to secure a dedicated workspace for the duration of their project.
  • Business expansion: firms that are testing the waters in a new market or planning to expand permanently use serviced offices for a low-risk solution.
  • Industries: banks, brokers, law firms, accountants, sole traders and technology businesses are some of the many that use a serviced office.

Almost any industry can mold into a serviced office in Auckland, especially ones with a great address such as an office in HSBC Tower.

Businesses that use a coworking space in Auckland

Coworking spaces have grown in popularity over the past few years globally.

Many confuse these workspaces as a desk and a chair to work from, but a good coworking space provider offers much more. From a community to network with, to technology that ensures your data security, coworking can grow your business.

Coworking spaces in Auckland primarily comprise:

  • Tech and creatives: the collaborative environment of coworking is perfect for these industries.
  • Digital nomads: location-independent workers that move from city to city find coworking spaces as the most flexible office solution.
  • Consulting firms and professional services: their common client interactions and need for professional meeting rooms make coworking spaces the logical choice.
  • Event organisers and workshop facilitators: those hosting events, workshops, seminars or training sessions find coworking spaces convenient because of the open floor design. The design of coworking spaces are intently made for collaboration, hence they are a well-equipped venue for their activities.

Events to look for in your flexible workspace

Your work-life needs balance and flexible workspace providers often host events for this reason.

For example, leading flex-space provider Servcorp regularly hosts community events for its clients, such as education workshops and seminars on topics relevant to its members' businesses. It provides a platform for businesses to showcase their business and product launches to a large community of like-minded people, presenting great opportunities.

And of course, there's no shortage of social gatherings, celebrations and wellness events to bring everyone together for a good time.

What to look for in your flexible workspace

If there are some big names at a flexible workspace provider, then there's a good chance it's the right place to be. For example, Servcorp Auckland has many reputable businesses such as Tata Consultancy, Service Now, Hinds Bluden, and others that use their advantageous services.

It also comes down to what the provider has to offer. Make sure to look for the following:

  • Prime locations: prestigious locations such as Auckland HSBC Tower will give your business an established presence in a highly-sought location.
  • Professional image: ensure the provider enhances your business image, and not vice versa.
  • Global reach: global workspace providers make expansion, networking and productivity easier.
  • Cost-effectiveness: think carefully about what you receive for the price being paid. If all you get is a desk and a chair, then consider looking elsewhere.
  • Professional support: enquire if the provider has a dedicated team of professional support staff, such as a receptionist, secretary and an IT team to assist your business.
  • Technology: advanced IT infrastructure that enhances your business operations and security is a must in our current era.

Things to do in Auckland

Central Auckland is a captivating city that attracts many locals and visitors alike with its incredible landscape, cosmopolitan atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. Being the largest and most populous city in New Zealand, it serves as the country's economic and cultural hub.

Known as the 'City of Sails,' Auckland is surrounded by striking harbours, numerous islands and lush green parks. There's also plenty to do!

The numerous historical sites and cultural events celebrating the indigenous heritage are a unique experience, along with the food scene reflecting Auckland's multicultural population. The city has a thriving arts and entertainment scene, along with world-class museums, galleries, theatres and music venues throughout it.

There are plenty of festivals to engage in during your time in Auckland, here's a snippet of a few:

  • Auckland arts festival
  • Pasifika festival
  • Auckland international buskers festival
  • Auckland Christmas in the park
  • Auckland marathon
  • Auckland wine & food festival

Ready to rent an office space in Auckland? Let's get you to the right place.

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