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Wellington Office Space Guide 2023

By Hannah Salmond


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Looking to rent office space in Wellington but need help figuring out where to start?

Dubbed as ‘the coolest little capital in the world,’ Wellington is nestled between rolling hills and a picturesque harbour with a vibrant energy that courses through its streets.

The city home to 45,754 people and has an annual economic output of $7.362 billion, has a strong business reputation. With productivity levels 30% higher than the national average, a strategic location, and plenty of government assistance, Wellington is ideal for establishing a head office.

So, whether you’re looking for coworking spaces, virtual offices or serviced offices in Wellington, this office space guide will ensure you make the right choice.

Why Wellington is ideal for business

Establishing your business in any location requires careful consideration, and Wellington presents many compelling reasons for being a business destination.

Business-friendly policies

The regulatory environment is one of the most imperative factors when selecting an office space location. Wellington actively reduces its bureaucratic barriers to enable the city's large startup and small business community to thrive.

The landscape minimizes red tape to encourage innovation and speed up the process of turning ideas into operational business. Its current corruption index of 87/100 indicates a clean business environment with minimal corruption levels.

Access to skilled talent

There’s no shortage of well-equipped talent in Wellington, and this is a critical consideration when determining your office space location.

Thanks to its proximity to prestigious universities that produce many talented graduates, businesses have access to a pool of individuals to help them succeed.

Strategic location

 ‘Location, location, location’, this statement still holds to this date.

Office space location holds substantial value because of its implications on domestic and international market potential. Wellington is situated on the southern tip of the North Island and gives excellent access to all of New Zealand thanks to great transport infrastructure.

Wellington’s location has made it easy for businesses in the trade and logistics industries because of its many ports. The transport links and international airport have made it convenient to crossover business in nations like Australia.

Supportive business community

The old saying ‘it takes a village’ also holds true for businesses. New Zealand has more than 500,000 small businesses and a deeply ingrained sense of community. Wellington hosts many networking events and workshops to nurture its collaborative spirit.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by how willing the entrepreneurs, innovators and industry leaders are to share their ideas, insights and experiences.

Business types that use a virtual office in Wellington

Virtual offices are the go-to option for various industries across Wellington.

Because of its cost-effective offerings, such as a professional address, local phone number, dedicated receptionist, administrative support and more, the virtual office is used by companies that don’t need a physical presence.

A virtual office in Wellington with all amenities can be rented for $239.20 monthly. Depending on the provider, the package can include commercial advantages such as free coworking space, private office usage, and global capabilities.

Some of the business types that use a virtual office in Wellington include:

  • International firms: expanding into Wellington is a strategic decision for many businesses, and using a virtual office is the lowest-risk and highest-convenience method.
  • Startups and small businesses: often, the largest demographic in this realm are small businesses looking to gain a foothold or utilise virtual office amenities.
  • Remote companies: flexible work models are growing across the globe and remote companies commonly opt for a virtual office to maintain credibility, along with efficient operationality.
  • Support team needs: businesses from all industries use a virtual office if they require professional administrative assistance or a dedicated receptionist at a low cost.

Because of its versatility, the virtual office isn’t an industry-specific office space solution. It can be used by many firms such as sales, tech, real estate, professional services, health, etc.

Business types that use coworking spaces in Wellington

Coworking spaces in Wellington have grown in popularity alongside the demand for flexibility. This working model is the most common alternative to a standard office space in Wellington and appeals to the community because of its collaborative environment.

Here are a few business types that use coworking spaces:

  • Hybrid companies: businesses that follow a hybrid work model benefit from coworking spaces because of the flexible lease terms and floor plans. It lets employees sit where they please while still having a professional workspace.
  • Project-based workers: companies operating based on contracts in specific locations often use coworking spaces. It’s the quickest way to acquire an office space without lock-in contracts.
  • Specific industries: although not limited to coworking spaces, comprise industries including creatives, sole traders, sales teams, brokers and law firms.

Coworking spaces in premium locations, such as the Bell Gully building start from $180 per month.

Harnessing the power of coworking

Not all coworking space providers offer the same amenities, so check what’s available. A good coworking space offers services beyond mere desk space and gives businesses a distinct advantage.

A quality coworking space in Wellington includes:

  • Premium address: office space with impressive views in a central location is more likely to impress your clients and excite team members. For example, a coworking space in the Bell Gully building is a premium address.
  • Mail handling: professional staff to send and receive your business mail.
  • Dedicated receptionist: a professionally trained receptionist to answer all your calls, take messages and more while you work undisturbed.
  • Security: technology to keep your business data safe through unique passwords, VLAN connections and custom firewalls.
  • Administrative assistance: secretarial help to tackle a range of tasks.
  • IT support: onsite IT team to ensure you have no technical downtime.

Business types that use a serviced office in Wellington

A serviced office is the closest alternative to traditional office space, minus the lengthy contracts and additional expenses.

Regular office space comes empty and generally doesn’t include outgoing costs such as maintenance, utilities and more. In contrast, a serviced office in Wellington is fully furnished and has no separate outgoing charges.

Serviced offices have proven to be an enticing option for a variety of business types:

  • Satellite offices: companies looking to expand their outreach without the complexities of traditional office setup opt for serviced offices. They provide a swift method for exploring new markets.
  • Global banks: clients requiring higher security levels select serviced office providers such as Servcorp. Serviced offices suit
  • Tech firms: serviced office providers offering state-of-the-art technology are usually a favourite for tech firms with specialised requirements.
  • Business continuity: due to Wellington being earthquake-prone, businesses select serviced offices in premium base-isolated locations such as the Bell Gully building.

Serviced offices in premium locations start from $1,733 per month.

Essential nearby landmarks

It’s important to know what’s around your office space!

Here are a few good-to-know landmarks based on your location.

Wellington Waterfront:

  • Wellington Harbour
  • Te Papa Museum
  • Wellington Train Station
  • New Zealand Parliament buildings
  • Ferry terminal connecting the South and North Island
  • Sky Stadium
  • Hotels
  • All public transport options within walking distance

Events to look for in your flexible workspace

The beauty of flexible workspaces is the frequent events that encourage networking and social interaction.

For example, Servcorp’s flexible workspaces regularly host events such as workplace wellbeing workshops, mid-winter Christmas, and networking opportunities. You should also watch for large companies that may be tenants in the flexible workspace because it’s a good quality indicator.

Servcorp’s Wellington office space has had many renowned clients such as Google and Amazon, serving as a good indication of reliability.

Things to do in Wellington

There are plenty of sights and activities to do in Wellington during your lunch break or after work.

Wellington's association with the film industry is another impressive aspect of the city. It gained significant recognition through its prominent role in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

People can book tours to view the stunning sights around the film capital and soak in Wellington's landscape beauty.

You should also look for other events, such as Wellington Gold Business Awards, BusinessNZ Wellington Seminar, Wellington Go Green Expo and Visa Wellington on a Plate.

And if you’re looking for some festivals during your time in Wellington, here’s a snippet of a few:

  • Wellington Sevens
  • Wellington Jazz Festival
  • Welly Week
  • CubaDupa
  • Christmas at the park
  • Beervana

Ready to rent an office space in Wellington? We’ve got you covered.




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